Durst Donates Books

March 06, 2024
Michael Durst and school librarian Teresa McKenzie Michael Durst and school librarian Teresa McKenzie

Michael Durst donated a set of books to the Canton R-V School Library. Michael won the books while attending the Missouri Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference. The Missouri Farm Bureau Promotions and Educations Committee gifts families with two books one to take home and one to share. Michael is donating these books to the library in hopes other students will read the same books he enjoys at home. It is important to ensure accurate agricultural stories are available to students. Michael donated The Perfect Barn by Sunshine Shanks, a book about an owl looking for the perfect barn to call home, the story follows the owl from barn to barn as kids learn about various ways barns are used on the barn. The Day the Farmers Quit by Autumn Pequignot is a story depicting what might happen in our daily lives if we didn’t have farmers and I LOVE Strawberries by Shannon Anderson a story about a young girl and her journey to grow strawberries of her very own.