April 4, 2023 Lewis Co. Municipal Election Results

April 12, 2023

The General Municipal Election in Lewis County was held April 4, 2023.

There were 429 ballots cast, with 5, 866 voters registered in Lewis County for a 7.31 percent voter turnout. There were 46 absentee ballots. The county sales tax question of taxing recreational marijuana passed 317 yes to 108 no votes.

Dickerson Special Road District Board had one vote cast for Dennis Stainbrook. In Canton, incumbent mayor, Jarrod Phillips had 70 votes, running unopposed. Canton Alderman Jacob Moffitt had 11 votes. Canton Alderman Ward 2 was running unopposed George Hausdorf receiving 22 votes and Canton Alderman Ward 3 also running unopposed was Sharon Kay Upchurch with ten votes.

Ewing Mayor Dean Wagy was unopposed and received 22 votes. Ewing Alderman Ward 1 Alan Toliver had 12 votes. Ewing Alderman Ward 2, Clifford Wade received ten votes.

LaBelle Elected Zachary Sharpe for mayor with 50 votes. Otte Lewis received 51 votes for LaBelle Collector and for LaBelle Alderman North Ward, Roy Lewis Sr. received 24 votes and Linda Goodson received 18 votes. LaBelle Alderman South Ward had Dee Raleigh with 19 votes and Sindey Doscher had seven votes. Sam Wilson received 24 votes for LaBelle Alderman South Ward, one year term.