Weiland Speaks At Canton Library

October 06, 2022

The Canton Public Library welcomed author Gary Weiland on September 28. Gary presented to a large audience about his experiences as an amputee firefighter. Gary lost a leg in 2018, and then worked hard to get back to work, which he did in a mere 10 months. Gary wrote about his struggles and successes in a children’s book, “Fischer’s Accident” and went on to write three more books in the series. Since his surgery Gary also competed on American Ninja Warrior, and is a member of multiple USA Para teams.

Gary showed how perseverance, faith, and determination allowed him to overcome obstacles that most of us would think were insurmountable. His story of how he found the strength to “Adapt and Overcome” inspired all present at the event, children and adults, to persevere no matter what struggles we face. Pictured is Weiland standing outside the library. Also pictured is Library Assistant Nancy Osborn and Library Director Mary Kay Lane with Weiland and Cindy Kell with Weiland and his current book.
Gary, originally from Quincy, is the son of Wayne and Janice Weiland of Canton, MO. He currently lives in Texas. Find more information at www.GaryWeiland.com