Maywood News

June 17, 2022

Loretta Bringer

Today was Children’s Day celebration at South Union Baptist Church. Luke, Jacob, and Elijah Shepherd quoted the twenty-third Psalm and sang special music during the worship service. The fellowship after the worship service recognized everyone’s birthday month and each person contributed money representing the years they were old with the offering for the Baptist Children’s Home. Loretta Bringer recognized special birthdays, and they received an angel food cake. Deb O’Brien and Jana Hattey were in charge of the lunch that included strawberries and ice cream.

It was great to see Mavoureen Meyer back in worship service today. She had knee surgery and is doing well and has a happy attitude about her recovery.

Phyllis Eisenberg was celebrating a birthday on Sunday and enjoyed an outing with the Brinkman family to Springfield, Illinois.

I had written about Freddie Tieken in this column a few weeks ago and his wife, Gail has passed away forty-two days after him. Gail grew up in this area and attended schools here before their move to Arizona.

I had reports about how nice the Flag Day parade was in Palmyra on Saturday. I was sorry to miss it and now more than ever we need to stand up for our flag and what it means to us. I hope you displayed a flag of on Tuesday. I remember as a small child the train stopping at the depot in Maywood, and it had a coffin on it draped with a flag. People were there carrying flags; however, I did not understand what it was all about until my parents explained it years later.

I thought of the quote “Children need love especially when they do not deserve it.” With three little boys bringing a frog into my house, taking things apart that were not puzzles I have found myself using this quote often. Then I think how dull my life would be without them and when they cuddle up and say “I love you Me Maw” nothing is that important! We must invest more time in our children because they become the parents of the 253 foster children in our area.

Happy Father’s Day Sunday and enjoy a fun weekend.