St. Patrick News

by Myrna Daughtry

I had one of the best things to do last week!  The Catholic Churches of Clark County sponsors Welcome Baby Baskets to all our newborns in the community.  I delivered, and got to snuggle with, Aleigha Marie Boudreau, under the watchful eye of big brother Ervin.  Abe and Jess have a delightful little family.

Bruce and Melody Uhlmeyer also took a Welcome Baby Basket to Andrea Kathleen, daughter of Ryan and Katelyn Uhlmeyer.  They enjoyed the cuteness overload of the visit and said everyone is doing fine. 

The Shrine of St. Patrick will be holding a Soup Supper on Saturday, November 13th, from 4:30pm - 7:00pm, followed by the Saturday Mass at 7:00pm.  The meal will be a free will offering with all proceeds going to the “Toys for Tots” campaign.  Please join us for a great meal, fun, and fellowship for this great cause.

John and Cathy Brennan, Ron and Ryanne Wood, and Daryl and Regina Blum had a great time on their long weekend motorcycle trip to Northwest Arkansas, thru the Grand Canyon in Arkansas.  They couldn’t have asked for better weather.

The St. Patrick Crew loaded up last Wednesday and went to Dr. Getwell’s in Keokuk for their great Fried Chicken Buffet.  Mark and Deanne Whiston, Bruce and Melody Uhlmeyer, Edd and Marcia Hardin, Keith and Judy Wheeler, Mark and Teresa Woodworth, Clinton and Dixie Kirchner, and Danny and I all enjoyed our night out that started with an Irish Blessing Toast:  For each petal on the Shamrock, This brings a wish your way, Good Health, Gook Luck and Happiness, For today and every day.

Happy Anniversary wishes go out to Lloyd and Linda Boudreau, who will be married 52 years on October 25th, and Robert and Rita Kirchner, who will be married 69 years on October 25th.

The funeral service for Rose Marie Moore was held on Saturday with her burial in the St. Patrick Cemetery.  Rose Marie was the daughter of Milton and Peggy Moore of rural St. Patrick.  Wishing condolences to her family.

Melody Uhlmeyer, Teresa Woodworth, Judy Wheeler and Myrna Daughtry all enjoyed a little early morning yard sales at the Canton City Wide Yard Sales last Saturday.  It was a good thing we took the van to haul all of our bargains!