Ewing News

by Betty Fifer

Another week has went by and it’s news time again. Had good results from my eye appointment Wednesday, still have good eyes and don’t need new glasses. The rest of the week was pretty calm. We switched the furnace from cooling to heat. Check on the price of propane gas and it’s already priced high for the beginning of the fall season.

Saturday night, Oct, 16, Sharon and Donnie took us to my favorite eating place, The catfish place on Highway 136 at Arbela Missouri, just east of Memphis, All the fish, shrimp and chicken and frog legs, plus homemade bread, a cold salad bar, a hot bar and it’s fun driving up there. Don and I are celebrating our 65th wedding anniversary and that was part of the celebration. We were young when we got married and now were are 83 and 84, so many of the people who were at our wedding are gone now, which leaves us being the old generation watching the younger ones start their lives.

Highland boys won the football game that they played at Brookfield Friday night. Two of the players are part of my family, Coleman Hultz and Toby O’Brien, both are seniors this year and soon will be starting their adult lives.