Ewing News

July 22, 2021

By Betty Fifer

Sunday, July 18, unbelievable July half over already. We had our Bible School Saturday night and it went very good. It ended with lots of snow cones, funnel cakes, corndogs and lemon shake ups with lots of fireworks. A great evening had by all.

On Sunday morning some very sad news we received, 12 year old neighbors boy that lives next door, Joe Wallace passed away. He was badly hurt in a 4 wheeler wreck with a friend around Durham. He was the great grandson of one of our old neighbor, Donald Campen. We all feel so sad he had so much life ahead of him but God had other plans. Our sympathy to his family.

This year so far is great for farmers, lots of rain to grow hay and they crops. We have a large week outside our fence out our north window, you can see the jump each day measuring against the fence. I’ve never seen such a plant grow so fast each day. Now to the big puzzle you were left with last week. Do you remember? The fly swatter factory was located there.

Now do you know where the big cattle pens were in Lewis County?