Lewistown News

July 22, 2021

By Erma Dee Jones

Doug and Teresa Martin hosted a birthday dinner last Sunday honoring their daughter Sonya Mock for her 42nd birthday and my 92nd birthday.  Teresa had baked each of them a decorated cake and a bountiful meal was served. Attending were Kelly and Sonya Mock, Olivia and Karah and Emily, and Emily’s friend Josiah, Brad Martin and Erma Dee Jones.

Doug and Brad Martin brought me home and Brad adjusted my computer for big print and replaced an air purifier filter and Doug worked on her sewing machine and other things I needed. Always good to have help around the house and I appreciate it so much.

On Tuesday, Karon Peer and Joann Hawkins visited me for my birthday, I’ve also had several calls and cards which I always enjoy. Last week Doug and Teresa spent two weeks in St. Louis where she received her second stem cell injection. The donor is from Great Britain.

My friend Elsie Doran is in the nursing home in Lewistown following a heart attack. 

We normally expect a big rain during fair time and it didn’t disappoint again this year. Some places in Lewistown had five inches. The fair is always such a great event and many people work very hard to plan and prepare for it each year.