2020 Census Data

May 19, 2020

According to information from 2020 Census response web site through as of May 16, Lewis County is only responding to the 2020 Census at a rate of 58.0 percent. That is compared to the State of Missouri of 60.0 percent. Lewis Counties response to the 2010 census was 67.1 percent

Lewis County is split up into four Census Tracts. Tract 9701, which includes the City of Canton and Northeast Lewis County is responding at a rate of 63.8 percent. Tract 9702 which includes the Cities of Lewistown and La Belle and North Central and Northwest Lewis County is responding at a rate of 50.7 percent. Tract 9703 includes the Cities of Monticello and Ewing as well as all of South Central and Southwest Lewis County is responding at a rate of 58.8 percent. Tract 9704 includes the City of La Grange and Southeast Lewis County is responding at a rate of 57.7 percent.

In the six counties that make up the Northeast Missouri Regional Planning Commission (NEMORPC) the percentage response rates are as follows: Lewis 58.0, Clark 46.3, Knox 42.6, Scotland 57.2, Adair 58.7, and Schuyler 42.9.

The information collected during the census is used to establish Congressional Districts for State and Federal representation. It would also help decide how to spend hundreds of billions of dollars of federal funding that would be used for Schools, Health Clinics, Streets and Roads, Medicaid, Head Start Programs, and Community Block Grants just to name a few.

Census forms have been mailed. Any resident who hasn’t received a form by mail can call 1-844-330-2020 between the hours of 6 a.m. until 1 p.m. or go to the website my2020census.gov and go to the link that says “If you don’t have a census ID, click here.

Lewis County IDA Director Ralph Martin said, “Lewis County needs to take advantage of any and all funding opportunities that are available, and we certainly don’t want to lose any representation in Jeff City or Washington D.C., so please take the time to respond to the census questionnaire.”