Lewis County Nutrition Center Needs Funds

July 31, 2019

The Lewis County Nutrition Center, part of Heartland Resources, is in need of funding and volunteers. Due to many funding cuts over the years, the Nutrition Center is struggling to keep going.

The Lewis County Nutrition Center provides meals for senior citizens, homebound individuals, and others who depend on the hot meal to survive. The Center also serves meals Monday through Friday at the Nutrition Site Center in Ewing. Heartland Resources, which oversees the Center, helps adults age with dignity and independence by providing meals and in-home support.

Employees at the Nutrition Site in Ewing are a dedicated and caring group who care about the people they serve. The crew arrives early each morning and have the meals prepared and ready to be distributed by around 10 a.m. They are also budget conscious and always planning and prepping ahead. They serve the take-out meals in trays, with the hot items together and cold items separate. Most meals include a meat entrée, vegetable, fruit, milk, bread and condiments. Volunteers then pick up the packaged meals to distribute to the various Centers in the County. There are also several stops in outlying areas that are home delivered. Meals sent to the towns, are usually then picked by a volunteer who delivers the meals to individuals in that town. The ladies said that many people depend on them for their meals, and without the Nutrition Site some residents would not be able to stay in their own homes. Many are on a very limited fixed income and can not afford to nor able to go to the grocery store or restaurant. Persons over the age of 60 are invited to make a donation, but many cannot afford it. The meals are available to anyone and for those under age 60, there is a charge. Everyone can come in and eat lunch at the Nutrition Site in Ewing which is served around 11:30 People can enjoy a homecooked meal at an affordable price, and the cooks are well known in the area for their cooking abilities. The Nutrition Site serves between 110 to 130 meals every day, Monday through Friday. Home delivery is available, but the Site depends on volunteers to help distribute the meals. Anyone who would like to volunteer is urged to contact the Nutrition Site and any help is appreciated. Even an hour or two a month could be helpful.

The Center also needs funding. Federal and state funds have been cut over the years. They do have a few resources such as United Way and the Community Foundation, but those funds are limited also. The Center very much needs donations. Also anyone with ideas and volunteer help for fundraisers would be helpful. The Center is in danger of closing unless funds can be obtained. Anyone wanting to donate or help in any way can contact the following phone numbers.

Heartland Resources is located at 108 East Main Street in Ewing, Mo. The phone number is 573-209-3600. The Ewing Nutrition Site is located at 101 W. Bryan Street in Ewing. The phone number is 573-209-3632 or 888-748-2749