Lewis County Election Summary

April 10, 2019

The Lewis County Nursing Home tax increase failed with 565 in favor and 785 against. Lewis C-1 School Board: elected were incumbent Robert Reed Miller received 380 votes, and Nicole Simmons with 355 votes. Other candidates: Tammy Tate 211 votes, Erin Hedges 205 votes, Lindsay Caudill 255 votes, Jeremy Geisendorfer 270 votes, Nicole Simmons 355 votes, and 7 write ins. Canton R-V School Board: Josh Welker received 425 votes, Michelle Frazier 391 votes, and there were 8 write ins. The Canton R-V School Bond Prop. KIDS passed with 443 voting in favor and 47 against.

Canton Fire Proposition A passed with 484 voting in favor and 83 against. Canton Fire Proposition B also passed with 379 voting in favor and 182 against.

All Canton city offices were uncontested. Current Canton Mayor Jarrod Phillips received 167 votes and there were 12 write ins. Canton Alderman, Ward 1 Robin Bracey received 105 votes and there were 9 write in votes. Canton Alderman, Ward 2 there were 78 votes for George Hausdorf and 4 write ins. Canton Alderman, Ward 3 there were 66 votes for Sharpn Kay Upchurch and 4 write in votes.

Ewing Mayor, Dean Wagy received 40 votes and there was one write in vote. Ewing Alderman, Ward 1, Alan Toliver received 26 votes. Ewing Alderman, Ward 2, Clifford Wade received 18 votes

LaBelle Mayor Scott Hoffman was elected and received 86 votes, Amy Turpin 43 votes, Kenneth E. Rush 25 votes, and Chris D. Heimer 15 votes. LaBelle Collector Ottie Lewis received 157 votes. LaBelle Alderman, North Ward Linda Goodson received 59 votes and Roy Lewis Sr. 57 votes. LaBelle Alderman, South Ward Sindey Doscher received 76 votes and there was 1 write in. Village of Monticello Board Member there were 39 write in votes. The winner is to be determined. Village of Monticello Prop. A passed with 14 votes in favor and 5 against.