General Election Results Totals

November 15, 2018

Author: Sonia Wang

The November 6 election led to unusually high turnout, as 53 percent of voters showed up to the polls. For U.S. Senator, Josh Hawley (R) won over incumbent Claire McCaskill (D) and Craig O’Dear (I) with 1,249,854 votes to 1,103,461 and 33,303 votes. For US Representative, Sam Graves (R) won over Henry Robert Martin (D) 199,580 to 97,515. For State Senator, Cindy O’Laughlin (R) won over Crystal Stephens (D) 46,225 to 19,528. For State Representative, Greg Sharpe (R) ran uncontested and won with 10,365 votes.

Local elections: For Circuit Judge, Russell Steele (D) ran uncontested and won with 10,274 votes, while for Associate Circuit Judge Fred L. Westhoff (D) ran uncontested and won with 2,744 votes. Two Lewis County races were contested. Challenger Shannon (Fifer) Sapp (R) won over incumbent Chris Flanagan (D) for County Clerk 1,841 to 1,622, while incumbent Bonnie Roberson (R) won over Kim Porter (D) for County Treasurer 2,333 to 1,154. In other uncontested races, Wayne (Fid) Murphy Jr. won for Presiding Commissioner with 2,941 votes; Jan Geisendorfer (D) won for Circuit Clerk with 2,834 votes; Amy Parrish (D) won for Recorder of Deeds with 2,795 votes; Jules (Jake) DeCoster (D) won for Prosecuting Attorney with 2,637 votes; and Denise M. Goodwin (D) won for Collector of Revenue with 2,720 votes.

Out of the three ballot initiatives to legalize medical marijuana, Amendment 2 passed, simultaneously passing a 4 percent tax on marijuana sales to fund veteran’s healthcare, passing 1,572,592 to 826,777 votes. It received similar support in Lewis County, where it passed 2,038 to 1,436. Amendment 3, which proposed a tax of 15 percent to establish a biomedical research institute, did not pass 747,977 to 1,631,228, echoing similar results in Lewis County, where it received 1,354 votes for and 2,060 votes against. Statewide proposition C, which would have authorized a 2% marijuana tax to fund education, public safety, and veterans’ services, also did not pass 1,031,371 votes to 1,339,299 votes statewide and 1,521 votes to 1,887 votes in Lewis County.

Amendments 1 and 4 passed statewide, changing lobbying and financing laws and redistricting processes, and bingo game laws; Proposition B, which increased the state minimum wage, passed 1,488,368 to 901,808; Proposition D, which would have increased the gas tax, failed to pass 1,101,830 to 1,274,099.